Jacuzzi Moving Tips

Jacuzzi Moving Tips and Tricks

Dislocating a Jacuzzi or a hot bath tub is certainly not an undemanding task and does require a lot of support from numerous people. It can also cause risk if it is not performed in the right order. A plumber like Plumbers Mount Maunganui can help you with this process if need be. Jacuzzi needs to be moved with proper care and handling and even the slightest mishandling or problem can be dangerous for you. For this, here you are given few super helpful tips for moving Jacuzzi:

  1. The first thing that you are needed to do is to remove all the cables and wires that are connected to the tub and keep a check that it is completely dry from everywhere. You can then tilt the tub to its other side such that each of its edge lands on the wood planks perfectly. You must implement the use of furniture dollies in the movement of the Jacuzzi. After to put it to your preferred location, you can smoothly lower it to keep away from any scratches or damages.
  2. You must also unplug all the connections of hot tub no matter the tub runs on electricity or gas. You can wrap their cords in order to avoid dangling and anyone tripping on them due to which someone can even get injured. You must always keep a check on the main switch and motor if it is properly secured.
  3. Tighten up the drain cap of Jacuzzi properly and then turn the hot tub to its sides. This will help the tub to move more easily although you will be needing assistance from few people. Make sure you maintain equal number of supports on both the sides for proper movement of Jacuzzi.
  4. Furniture dollies are made up of an even and uniform piece of a wooden plank or metallic surface that is equipped with a carpet material on its exterior side. This is placed to avoid getting any scratches or dent to the tub and protect it on the longer run. You will need two dollies for movement of Jacuzzi that are placed beneath each end of the tub. After you move the tub to a new place, these dollies are removed smoothly so as to avoid any cracks or damage.
  5. You and all the helpers must have a definite grip on all the corners of the tub so that it does not get cracked from any side. You must keep an extra care and firm grip especially when you move the hot tub via stairs or through a narrow door. Once you reach the new destination of the tub, land it very safely and softly.
  6. If you want to move the Jacuzzi at any flat surface, the best technique is to make use of 2 furniture dollies. You can put them at the back of the tub and at the front side. This will ensure appropriate sustenance and support while its movement. You can make use of tow straps that can help you out to protect the Jacuzzi to the dollies and hold it properly by the time you are moving it. When reconnecting the plumbing it would be wise to get a professional to help with this Plumbers Tauranga would be more than able to do this.